Take ownership of your future with a diverse machine portfolio 

A Diverse Machine Portfolio illustrated by these seven pictured machines from Leblond Ltd.

Machine shop growth can be a challenge for many reasons. First, there are the physical limitations of the facility. Then, there are skilled machinists on staff who can fulfill the types of jobs needed. A shop also needs to build a diverse machine portfolio. A broad range of machines with a small footprint allows a machine shop to grow in several ways.

Expanded Capabilities

The depth of the produced parts will grow by installing multiple complementary machines. Expanded capabilities of turning, boring, milling, grinding, drilling and other functions allow for manufacturing more complex parts. The more turnkey operations a facility can promote, the more added value it brings to customers. Building into your offering many different capabilities will allow more intricate parts RFQs and a broader range of clients you can bring on board.

Increased Control Over Project Timing

Having multiple machine types with a wide range of capabilities allows more control over the project timing with numerous machining and finishing steps. There is also a significant saving in travel time between specialty vendors who typically perform the specific step in the part manufacturing process. Bringing in new machines also cuts external vendor operating costs, increasing the profit margin of each part.

Improved Quality Assurance

Finally, a machine shop with a broad range of installed machines gives significantly more control over the quality of the completed parts. The confidence in the training and experience of in-house machinists offers less risk and fewer variables in the final product. The more processing you control, the more confidence you can have in quality assurance during each manufacturing stage.

Exponential growth is capable with expanded capabilities and greater control over more production variables. LeBlond’s suite of lathes, band saws, knee mills, grinders and drill presses help achieve these benefits. Contact your LeBlond representative or submit an RFQ to learn more about how you can grow your machine shop with LeBlond.

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