What is the best drill press? Go with the LeBlond LPD-25VS, an inverter variable speed drilling machine.

With our drill press, you can drill holes as well as perform sanding, honing and polishing operations. The LDP-25VS features continuous variable transmission that allows an operator a wide speed range and the ability to change speeds while the machine is running.

LDP-25VS Advantages Over a Hand-Held Drill

The LDP-25Vs offers you more control and precision than a conventional hand-held unit:

With LeBlond’s unit, a machinist or a student learning the craft can:

  • Apply the drill to a workpiece with less effort by manipulating the movement of the chuck and spindle with a lever connected to a rack and pinion.
  • Secure and restrain the workpiece on the table with a vise or clamp for greater control and security.
  • Drill holes accurately and consistently because the angle of the spindle is fixed relative to the table.
  • Use larger and small drill bits to drill holes because the LDP-25VS is equipped with a more powerful motor than a hand-held one.

Best Drill Press Specifications

The LDP-25VS is a floor type drill press with bank and tank. It features an 18.3” x 15” table size and 16” swing.

Other notable specifications include:

  • 2 HP motor
  • Electrics: 230V/60Hz/3PH
  • 1” Drilling Capacity in Steel
  • 5/8” Tapping Capacity
  • 23” x 15” Base Size
  • 15 – 3000 RPM Spindle Speed
  • 16mm Table Slot

LDP-25VS Standard Features

LeBlond’s unit is equipped with key standard features that will allow you tackle any job requirement, including a:

  • Digital Tachometer Display
  • Tapping System
  • LED Work Light
  • Safety Guard Kit with Shut Off Micro Switch

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