Yes, K.O. Lee is a subsidiary of LeBlond Ltd., and LeBlond acquired it in June 2008. Knute Oscar “K.O.” Lee founded the firm in 1887 as a farm machinery sales business. See this post and this post on the history of K.O. Lee.

K.O. Lee grinders and mandrels complement LeBlond’s series of engine lathes and mills. A machinist starts a job in a cutting application on a LeBlond lathe. He or she finalizes the job on, say, a K.O. Lee Tool Post mounted grinder to put a final finish and smooth a part.

“The initial part of the process is with a LeBlond lathe, and to finish, you utilize a K.O. Lee grinder,” said Aaron Juillerat, LeBlond Ltd. General Manager.

K.O. Lee is primarily known for its Surface Grinders. The capability of the machine is vast, going from a smaller size of 6×18” to as large of a table size as 16×32. The K.O. Lee Surface Grinder has enhanced features like NC controls that allows for full, automatic operation analogous to low-cost CNC functionality.

The Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder is K.O. Lee’s hidden gem.  A smaller shop can utilize a KOL40M or KOL60M for a variety of operations including sharpening, turning and small milling capability. K.O. LEE’s Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder can also be utilized as a cylindrical (O.D.) grinder for a final finish on production parts.

The machine is multi-faceted, a virtual Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife of manual machine tools. Like the Surface Grinders, K.O. Lee Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder also features NC control for full, automatic operation.

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