Are you in need of a digital readout or DRO system for your LeBlond lathe? Want to increase your productivity by 20-40%?

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Why Use a Newall Digital Readout?

Let’s list some issues that arise when you don’t use a Newall digital readout with your LeBlond lathe:

  • Cross-slides have backlash. Lathes use a cross-slide to machine critical outside diameter and inside diameter dimensions.
  • Tool pressure is exerted on the cross-slide. The turning workpiece exerts pressure on the tool, which shifts the cross-slide back against the screw. With backlash always a consideration, each lathe requires its own “feel.”
  • Vernier dials are difficult to read. The lines of the dial are hard to read and can be obscured by oil and debris. Hand-wheel revolutions must be counted. Misreading the dial and scraping the part can be easily done if not extremely careful.
  • Stop and check time is non-productive. Since the operator can’t rely on the cross-slide dial for finish dimensions, frequent stops to check the part with a scale, caliper, micrometer and dial indicators are required.
  • Inside diameter work is even more difficult to measure blind. Difficult setup of indicators and magnetic base holders take up time and run the danger of being bumped or moved.
  • Step lengths. Due to the vernier dial’s location, reading the carriage travel is even more difficult, making stop-and-measure a must. Travel-type dial indicators are slightly better but are also hard to read. They can jump and skip due to chips getting caught under the friction wheel, which must be held under compression against the lathe carriageway to spin the dial.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Readout Systems?

A DRO system utilizes a linear scale mounted to the cross-slide and carriage axes of the lathe. This scale reads position independent of the lead screw and shows the true tool position, regardless of mechanical wear and backlash.

Reading lines on vernier dials, counting hand wheel revolutions and lead screw backlash compensation are eliminated.

The accuracy and repeatability of precision linear scales allow the shop worker to position the tool to the print dimension – just as the print reads. Stop-check-measure steps are all but eliminated, save for final cuts.

Features like Direct Diameter Reading greatly reduce mathematics, calculations, and scrap due to operator error. Less time checking and measuring means more time making chips.

Bottom line, shops that use a DRO system typically reported a 20-40% improvement in productivity.

How Do Newall Scales Measure Up for Reliability?

Working with lathes exposes you to more hazardous conditions than other machining operations, like milling machines. If the scale cannot withstand the harsh environment of lathe work, it will not operate properly. If the scale does not work, neither does the digital readout.

Glass or magnetic (wire or tape) scales can be not dependable in this environment. Glass scales can scratch, break or misread due to condensation and contamination from chips, coolants and lubricants. Magnetic wire and tape scales can have chip build-up or lose polarity.

The Newall spherosyn/microsyn scales are resistant to chips, coolant, lubricants, shock, and vibration. Even if fully submerged in water, oil, or coolant, the linear encoders will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings. The Newall linear encoders have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67.

Newall scales are also easier and faster to install than any other linear scales for lathes.

They are unlike non-contact systems and have no general mechanical wear characteristics, requiring no regular cleaning or maintenance.

Check Out the Newall E70-CSS Lathe

This digital readout features:

  • CSS (Constant Surface Speed) – provides an output that can be applied to an AC inverter spindle drive. The system uses scale feedback to automatically control the spindle RPM, ensuring a constant surface speed.
  • 99 Tool Offsets
  • 199 Memory Positions
  • Digifind (Absolute Reference) – a feature unique to Newall DRO products. Digifind eliminates the risk of losing position and datum Setup. Precise set-up of a workpiece is carried out only one time.
  • Radius/Diameter Readings
  • Zero Approach Warning – provides a visual indication that one or more axes are approaching zero
  • Inch/Metric Conversion
  • Automatic Linear Error Compensation – the only function of all the functions that allow you to compensate for machine inaccuracies; if familiar with more advanced error compensation procedures, you can use linear and segmented error comp
  • Absolute/Incremental Operation
  • Taper Calculations
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Fault Indicator – helps guard against false measurements on the display that may go unnoticed due to shop or system power being momentarily interrupted, the table being moved too fast or the scale or counter malfunctioning
  • Axis Preset – lets you enter a dimension into the display; the value you enter is added to the distance from the Origin scale position and displayed.
  • Center Find – a key that halves the value in any axis
  • Zero Reset

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