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The W.F. & John Barnes company was founded in 1872 and was located in Rockford, Illnois until the early 1980’s when it was acquired by Acme Precision Products and relocated to Michigan . W.F. & John Barnes continued to manufacture equipment until the mid 1980’s.  The service parts business was acquired by a former Barnes employee in 1990.  Then in November, 1998 LeBlond Ltd, as part of it’s strategy to acquire additional product lines to support, purchased the W.F. & John Barnes Company.  All documentation, inventory and customer records have been relocated to LeBlond Ltd’s facility near Cincinnati.

W.F. & John Barnes manufactured special machines for the automotive, truck, farm equipment, off-highway, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, marine and transportation industries. Barnes built a worldwide reputation as a premier machine builder by engineering transfer lines as well as medium to low volume equipment capable of producing diesel and gasoline engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, main bearing caps, cylinder liners, connecting rods, crank shafts, flywheels, brake drums, transmission housings, differential housings and numerous power train components.
Today LeBlond Ltd can provide can provide you with the right part to keep your W.F. & John Barnes equipment in operation.

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