LeBlond Retrofit Services

  1.  Disassemble and clean machine including all components.
  2. Replace all bearings and bushings; i.e. precision class bearings are used on the headstock spindle.
  3. Check all gears for wear using the pitch diameter pins method. Replace all worn, repaired or broken gears.
  4. Rebuild apron; i.e. worn feed shaft housing is bored/bushed as required.
  5. Dynamic balance spindle shaft. Grind tapers, nose and centers to new machine concentricity. Repair or replace brake/clutch.
  6. Disassemble and inspect quick change feed box. Replace all worn parts.
  7. Grind all ways to a 32 micro finish. Machine all bed cast ways.
  8. Hand scrape all ways to assure new machine alignments.
  9. Rebuild hydraulic system including Servo-Shift, pump and valves as applicable.
  10. Rebuild electric motors; i.e. all windings are high voltage tested and reinsulated. Sealed bearings are used.
  11. Rebuild/replace acme cross slide, compound and tailstock screw/nut assemblies. Check feed shaft and replace as required. Check longitudinal and half nuts. Replace as needed.
  12. Grind tailstock base oversize as well as grind tailstock quill. Machine tailstock bore to size and regrind internal taper
  13. Repair/replace all defective electrical controls and wiring.
  14. Replace all belts, seals, hoses, gaskets and filters.
  15. Rebuild coolant and lube systems as applicable. Also replace filters and meters.
  16. Prep machine and paint with an industrial machine enamel. Unless otherwise specified, the color will be machine tool gray.
  17. Test/runoff machine to verify and document that it meets OEM specifications.

If you would like to improve your manufacturing capabilities with the “tried and proven iron”, please call LeBlond Ltd for a rebuild proposal.

NOTE: LeBlond Ltd’s remanufactured lathes have a full one (1) year parts and service warranty.