Do you own a vintage LeBlond Regal and want to know how to easily change wear-and-tear parts like seals, spindle gaskets and drive accessory pins for the brakes?

Watch our latest video where we use a Regal 15″ headstock diagram as a visual aid to illustrate how to access and replace these parts.

As a bonus, our Service Manager Christopher Smith details common maintenance tips like the proper lubrication of your machine to get even more years out of it.


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Video Transcript

Christopher Smith:

Hey, guys. Christopher Smith with LeBlond here. We’re going to talk to you today about some parts and wear and tear stuff and where to be looking at. So as you can see, we’ve got a picture of our headstock. And this is just breakdown of 15 inch, and the 15s and the 19s are all pretty much the same. Even parts-wise, they’re pretty similar. But what we’re going to be looking at are the seals and what the markings are. So these X’s, here, you can see them pretty well, that’s where your seals are. They’re just set up here. And then down here you got a gasket for your spindle. So that’s some of the stuff that we’re going to be talking about for some of the furthest parts. Obviously you know all the bearings, you know the bearing symbols, all that. We carry all that stuff. We’re __ a grommet forward right now as well too. So it’s just some wear and tear stuff if you guys are in need of this stuff.

We’ll talk about these drive pins as well too for your brake. You want to check those periodically, maybe once a year. If your brake’s not working well, that’s going to set your plate that’s going to get pulled in by the magnet. And you want no more than 18000th distance between that plate and your brake, is the max that will allow the magnet to still keep on working. So the closer you get that, the better. So you might want to always check your pins just to make sure they’re good. If not, get a replacement for them. Wiper kits for your beds, for the tailstock of the carriage and all that, things to be looking out for it.

So now that I’ve gone over what those are, we’re going to go out the shop and I’ve got some parts sitting on a cart. We’re going to talk about a couple other things. Follow me out there. All right. All they are are just these little green over seal, metal on the outside casing. And this is both of them that go on that headstock. You’re going to see. Also, the gasket that I was talking about for your spindle on the back end. We also carry the one for the front. And the drive pins, the accessory pins. But one of the most single important things you can do for your machine, to keep it running fantastic, is changing the oil. We do recommend Mobil DTE-26 of the lightweight, non-detergent hydraulic oil. And if you can’t find the Mobil, most of your automotive stores like O’Reilly’s, AutoZone carry the brand Performance Plus and you want to get the AW-68.

Another good thing that could help out there is you can pick up magnets from your local hardware store, just like this one here. You want to drop that down in your headstock, make sure it makes it down to the bottom. And this is going to help pick up all the soot and the crud and hold it instead of it being circulated through your headstock or, for your servo shift guys, going through your servo shift and clogging it up and your filter. Just a great way to keep it clean. So yeah, that’s it for this ___. If you guys have any questions or anything you’d like to see in up and coming videos, please let us know at leblondusa.com and let us know what we can do for you. Thank you