KO Lee or kolee is shorthand for K.O. Lee, a quality line of new manual machine tools like grinders and expanding mandrels as well as OEM parts for legacy equipment. K.O. Lee was founded in Aberdeen, North Dakota in the late 19th century and is a current LeBlond subsidiary.

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K.O. Lee Company

In 1888, Knute Oscar Lee registered K.O. Lee Company and started his journey towards selling farm parts and equipment. Clifford Carl Lee, a son of K.O. Lee, was introduced in the business later.

Today, K.O. Lee is one of the leading manufacturers of universal cutter grinders worldwide as well as surface grinders and expanding mandrels as well as parts.

LeBlond and kolee

Today K.O. Lee is a machine line under the LeBlond umbrella. While K.O. Lee is well-known today for selling tool cutter grinders and surface grinders, the parent company is known for selling OEM parts for legacy LeBlond equipment as well as new machinery.

From LeBlond machines such as drill presses, band saws, lathes, and mills to KO Lee machines, our parent company has every equipment you need for your exact machine tool needs.

About KO Lee Parts


LeBlond provides KO Lee parts

We sell KO Lee parts for their legacy machinery. The parts are OEM or produced to exact machine specifications and machined from the “real deal” – the original drawings.

For more information on kolee parts, see this post. If you need help finding the serial number on K.O. Lee equipment, check out this post.

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