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Need K.O. Lee parts? You are in the right spot! In this post, we identify some common K.O. Lee parts and explain what they do.

First, a little history between K.O. Lee and LeBlond …

K.O. Lee is a subsidiary of LeBlond. Knute Oscar “K.O.” Lee founded his company in 1887 as a farm machinery sales business and expanded into the machine tools market over the years. In 2008, LeBlond acquired the K.O. Lee Company.

The K.O. Lee brand is most known for surface grinders and tool cutter grinders. LeBlond sells new grinders and provides OEM parts for older machinery.

Schooled in history and what makes the product stand out, here are some common K.O. Lee parts:

K.O. Lee Part: Adapter Collet with Key #11 BS-5C (see photo above)

Part Number: KB641A

The adapter collet with key is a component of a K.O. Lee surface grinder.

K.O. Lee Part KB929L

K.O. Lee Part: Drive Gear

Part Number: KB929L

The drive gear is a component on a K.O. Lee surface grinder.

K.O. Lee Part KBA924-1

K.O. Lee Part: Miter Gear

Part Number: KBA92A-1

The miter gear is a component on a K.O. Lee surface grinder and is used as a right angle drive where high efficiency is required to transmit motion and power between the right angle (90°) and intersecting shafts at varying speed ratios.

K.O. Lee Part KS930SF1

K.O. Lee Part: Cross Feed Screw

Part Number: KS930SF1

The cross feed screw is a table component on a K.O. Lee surface grinder.


As our history shows, LeBlond is here for your K.O. Lee parts like those listed above, and we thank you for your continued support.

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