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When compared to other workholding methods, and expanding mandrel provides more versatility and accuracy. Expanding mandrels are used for grinding, turning, and milling operations and are used in production lines, tool rooms, and even home workshops.


Expanding mandrels are a great investment if your shop uses many parts of differing sizes, does high volume of work, or has tight tolerances. They can be used as a workholding device for everything from thin sleeves and bushings to forgings and heavy casting.

Workholding Features of Expanding Mandrels

Expanding mandrels have many features that make them great for workholding:

  • Sleeve Interchangeability – One expanding mandrel can cover a large clamping range.
  • Secure Clamping
  • Controlled Datums
  • Uniform Expansion
  • Accuracy for Positioning
  • Easy Loading with no Pressure Marks Left on the Bore

K.O. Lee Expanding Mandrels

K.O. Lee expanding mandrels are sized to fit 9.5-139.8mm holes. They feature a large bearing surface on all sleeves which provides a positive grip on heavy jobs and holds thin sleeves and bushings without distorting them. They can also hold your work in any position including overhang on either end for facing operations.

One unique feature of K.O. Lee expanding mandrels is the large bearing surface and oil reservoir as well as auxiliary centers that prevent damage to the arbor center. This prolongs arbor life.

You can find K.O. Lee expanding mandrels and lathes from LeBlond Ltd. at leblondusa.com. Contact us today for a quote.

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