Accessories and Tooling

We Offer Thousands of Machine Accessories and Tools

LeBlond Ltd offers over 190,000 quality industrial products to satisfy your manufacturing and production requirements.  These include cutting tools, turning inserts, carbides, abrasives, precision measuring tools, power tools, clamping/fixturing devices and digital readouts.  We also can furnish a wide variety of chucks including SMW Autoblok, Pratt Burnerd, Buck Forkardt, Bison and Jacobs.  Our LeBlond20 machine oil is designed specifically for use in your LeBlond lathe and is available for immediate delivery.

Whether your manufacturing needs require genuine LeBlond/Standard Modern/K.O. Lee/Johnson Press/Deka Drill/W.F. & John Barnes parts or quality industrial products, LeBlond Ltd is where you can “one stop” shop.  Please give us a call or send us an email.

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