K.O. Lee High Precision Surface Grinder

K.O. Lee High Precision Surface Grinders

Manual and/or Automatic Operation


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Need a surface grinder from a trusted name? Try the K.O. Lee manual Surface Grinder. It is amazingly precise and made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron for all heavy grinding needs.


PRECISION GRINDING SPINDLE: The precision cartridge spindle is greased and free of maintenance. Built with four (4) preloaded class 9 super precision angular contact ball bearings suitable for heavy grinding. The spindle is directly coupled to a V3 motor. This ensures spindle run out accuracy of less than 0.002mm (.00008”).

MACHINE CONSTRUCTION: The main components of the machine, including the base, column and saddle, are made of High Quality Meehanite cast iron which is stress relieved to insure rigid stability.
SLIDEWAYS: Both longitudinal and cross slide ways are precisely hand-scraped and laminated with Turcite-B. This provides a smooth travel and even low wear.
TABLE CONSTRUCTION: The unique design of the longitudinal and cross slideway’s Full Support System maintains accuracy during table reversing and full length of travel.

TABLE FEEDS: The longitudinal feed is hydraulic powered and the cross feed is electric motor powered. Both movements have adjustable reversing capability and interlocks to prevent manual operation while in a power feed mode.

AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM: The auto lubrication system, which is standard, provides lubrication on all slideways and leadscrew. This insures a smooth travel and minimizes wear.
CONTROL PANEL: All push buttons and switches are conveniently located on the control panel for easy operation.


• Tool Box with Adjusting Tools
• Grinding Wheel with Flange
• Wheel Extractor
• Wheel Wrench
• Balancing Arbor
• Auto Lubrication System
• Leveling Screws with Blocks
• Touch-up Paint
• Machine Lifting Hooks
• Operation Manual with Parts List



KOL1024/KOL1224/KOL1632 PDF

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