LeBlond is a VIP supplier of machine tools.

We recently sold a lathe to someone we won’t name after he started his family’s summer vacation:

This VIP is a shrewd negotiator and got us to knock the price down on his new lathe by 10%.

We felt it was only right to kick off the summer fun by offering this same discount of UP TO 10% LEBLOND & K.O. LEE MACHINERY to you as well.


Upgrade Your Machine Shop This Summer


Whether you’re a seasoned machinist or just starting your journey into the world of metalworking, this sale is your chance to snag that essential piece of equipment you’ve been eyeing. 

LeBlond boasts the whole package of machine tools to keep your machine shop or classroom ready to handle any job requirement from threading to grinding.


Invest in Your Future & Get the Griswold Discount


Investing in new machinery isn’t just about summer fun in Wally World; it’s about investing in your future

With top-notch equipment from LeBlond, you can:

  • Boost Productivity: New machines often boast improved efficiency, allowing you to complete projects faster.
  • Enhance Accuracy: Modern machinery offers superior precision and control, leading to flawless machining results.
  • Expand Capabilities: Add new techniques and projects to your repertoire with all the right equipment for your workshop.
  • Increase Safety: Newer machines often incorporate advanced safety features for a worry-free shop floor environment.


Don’t Miss These Summer Savings!


This incredible sale is valid for a limited time through the summer of 2024, meaning you have ample time to find the perfect machine for your machine shop or classroom. 

But don’t wait too long – inventory may run out…

Our VIP has informed us that he intends to buy several “baby lathes” for his son after hitting the lotto jackpot while on vacation.

Ready to unlock your summer of productivity?

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